Technological University of Tajikistan (TUT) is an innovative university and one of the most prestigious Universities in the Republic of Tajikistan. The University has more than 300 teachers and 250 support staff of the educational process. The University trains specialists in 49 specialties of bachelor, magistracy on 41 majors, 10 doctoral research areas on PhD.
In the structure of the university there are 9 faculties, 22 departments, 2 center and Institute of Technology and Innovation Management in the city of Kulob branch of the University in the city of Isfara, a gymnasium in the city of Kulob and innovative liseym “Dushanbe”. The contingent of students of the University are 5100 who study according to the credit system. Technological University of Tajikistan through its activities has prepared more than 11 000 specialists for various sectors of the economy. TUT is a member of a consortium of 13 projects of TEMPUS program, Erasmus +. According to the project coordinator MIND TUT is the coordinator for Republic of Tajikistan. In the framework of project TUT Minden intends to create Youth Center for education and training of young entrepreneurs of small and medium-sized businesses.

  • (+992 37) 234 47 57; (+992) 93 451 5555
  • t.makhmud@mfail.ru
  • http://www.tut.tj