Khorog State University – KhSU

Khorog State University named after Moyonsho Nazarshoev founded in August 1992 in the center of Gorno Badakhshan Autonomy Oblast, Khorog town and become significant scientific center in the province with the aim of upbringing the young experts and raising the level of culture cognition of Badakhshan people.
In present time more than 4000 students graduated this university with different profession and with dignity they work in Secondary schools, Government Organization, Non Governmental Organizations, International Organizations inland and in foreign countries.
Some of university graduators continue there study abroad, mainly Russia, England, USA, Germany and received the academic status as candidate of science and master’s degree.
The Khorog State University named M.Nazarshoev has 8 faculties more than 4000 students who are trained by 24 professions.
At university the study simultaneously has two forms .Budgetary and contractual groups. Management ,Finance and Credit, English Language, Persian Language, Arabian Language, Biology (instruction by correspondence )History, History and Low, Applied Mathematics is contractual (commercial). Also the university has budgetary groups, English Language , State and Low, Biology, Applied Mathematics and others.
University has 18 Departments ; three departments from them are general university (pedagogical and psychological, philosophy and physical training )other departments belong to there faculties .Economics, Biology natural sciences ,mathematical analysis , functional and different ional analysis, Physics, Methodology in secondary school, Russian language and literature, English Philology, Asian languages, Tajik Language, Tajik Literature ,The history of Tajik people, History.
University has department for post –graduate students. It has excellent students, since this year 40 post graduate students graduated and some of them successfully defended their thesis.

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