Central Asian Students visit STUBA in Bratislava

From the 24th to the 28th of September 6 students and 2 coordinators from Samarkand Veterinary Medicine Institute (SamVMI) and Tashkent State University of Economics (Uzbekistan) visited Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava for receiving a training in entrepreneurship.

The seminar was opened by Stanislav Uncik, the dean of Engineering Faculty at the Slovak University of Technology, followed by presentations by Andrej Soltesz and Richard Matúšek on start – up and business.

Next day they visited the private farm “Berry Farm”, which specializes in citrus fruits. The farm manager welcomed them and showed all the information about the farm. They also learned about irrigation systems and pest control methods, and were able to see products which are distributed to domestic markets, and some which are reprocessed at a private plant. In the visit they studied the organizational foundations of the farm, they learnt about the economic indicators and they discussed the prices of the products.

On the third day of the training, the students and coordinators visited the University Technology Incubator at the Slovak University of Technology. In the incubator, manager Martina Vavrenko welcomed them and introduced the incubator, after which Domonik Orfi Orfanus gave a presentation on “Travel and work … more”.
The incubator creates additional services and facilities through the creation of newly established enterprises, leasing companies. This type of business is supported by new young entrepreneurs, providing business services to prospective entrepreneurs for up to 3 months and renting rooms for up to 3 years.

As a result of this visit, the students and the head of the international department of SamVMI had the necessary information and decided to inform the students in Uzbekistan about it, as they want to launch these type of organizations in Uzbekistan that give support to young entrepreneurs and innovators, and are a great impetus for business development.

On September 27, the Central Asian delegation visited Bratislava Business Center and met with staff there, who gave them information about the Business Center and gave their advice on how to open and expand a business.
In the second half of the day the students presented their business projects and on the last day they received monitoring and evaluation.