Università degli Studi di Genova

UNIGE is one of the most ancient universities in Europe. The main site is in Genova and other campus are located in the other provinces of the region (Imperia, Savona and La Spezia), each campus having specific features linked with the socioeconomic environment.

Five Schools: Social Sciences; Polytechnic; Medical Sciences; Maths-Physics-Natural Sc.; Humanities. 22 Departments, 5 Libraries, 11 Research Centres. Five Units (2 Centres and 3 Departments) have received the “Excellence” recognition from the Ministry. More than 700 Erasmus outgoing scholarships, more than 400 Erasmus incoming students, 190 Cooperation Agreements with foreign Institutions. 124 Bachelor and Master degree courses, 28 PhD courses, 48 Specialization schools, 80 LLL courses, more than 35.000 students of which 2.850 foreign ones, 1.262 teaching staff, and 3.256 internships.

The mission of the University is aimed at equipping students with a sound cultural and scientific basis and tools to address in actual awareness their future professional careers, offering methodological integration, internships and training periods abroad. The existing international cooperation envisages many bilateral and multilateral agreements and EU projects and a long record of successful experience in cooperation promoted by the European Commission, such as Tempus and ALFA 1996. In addition to its outstanding international dimension, UNIGE is partner in 14 networks, associations, international organisations.

UNIGE vision and mission also deal with links and strategic alliances with the main actors of the territory, both private (including large industry and SMEs) and public. Strategic points are co-operation with the local economy and establishment of strategic alliances with the main public and private actors of the territory. Aims of these points are to raise the strategic role of training, research and technological transfer in the region and to find out joint actions for improvement of the processes of socio-economic transformation involving the territory.

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