Where to look for investors and some crowdfunding platforms

Concerning some Crowdfunding platforms, we would like to stand out the followings:
Capital Cell: Platform dedicated to health and biotechnology. It allows citizen investors to participate in investment rounds that give the opportunity for technology-based companies to continue with R&D to reach the market.
– Crowdcube: International equity platform, which allows anyone to invest in companies with high growth potential together with professional investors, business angel, venture capital funds and public institutions.
– The Crowd Angel: it is a hybrid between crowdfunding and venture capital. It stands out for being the first online platform that allows to invest in a selection of technological startups with high growth potential in a rigorous and solid manner.
– Fellow Funders: is a collective investment platform with two fundamental missions: on the one hand to offer Spanish companies a source of alternative financing, and on the other hand to offer investors projects with high growth potential.
– Lignum Capital: it is a participative financing platform. Its mission is to identify innovative projects; startups in the seed or growth phase; good ideas with a credible and scalable business model; and that need financing.
– Flipsimply: it is a collective financing platform where maras can offer exclusive investment opportunities to people who believe in their businesses, sharing profitability and generating loyalty.
– Bolsa Social: is an equity crowdfunding and Crowdlending platform designed to finance projects with a positive social or environmental impact.
– Investor Partners: is the first platform dedicated to the financing of projects collectively. It offers an alternative to entrepreneurs seeking funding for their ideas, and an opportunity for investors to invest in projects with high growth potential, entering the company as a partner of the same.

More info:

– The European Trade Association for Business Angels, Seed Funds and Early Stage Market Players: http://www.eban.org/
– Cross Border Angels is developing a global ecosystem to help startups engage with innovation stakeholders with our international and vertical focused network: http://crossborderangels.com/
– International Network of Business Angels: http://www.keiretsuforum.es/en/