MIND’s Coordinators Meeting in Genoa

From the 25th to the 26th of June 2018 a Coordinators Meeting was held in Genoa University.

The meeting, which counted with representatives from all MIND partner universities, was opened by the Vice-rector of Genoa University.

In the meeting, all work packages were reviewed and a general overview of the project’s development was given.

One of the activities that needed more dynamism was the use of the Moodle platform. Therefore, we had a Moodle video conference training offered by Jordi Torner (UPC) for improving the results of this tool. The training was going to be given in person by the trainer but due to a last minute cancellation of his flight, we organised a video conference.

Regarding Dissemination, which also needed to be promoted, a CA Coordinator (from KNU) was named for collecting all the news and sending them to Las Palmas coordinator.

In its turn, Genoa Coordinator presented the Sustainability Plan and the following actions to be taken.

All Central Asian coordinators presented the activities carried out in their universities for fostering entrepreneurship in the frame of MIND project and next actions for 2018 were established.

Due to the number of activities that were still pending, it was decided to send a request for deadline extension, in order to organise well the closing phase of the project.