MIND training in Genoa University (UNIGE) for students from Uzbekistan and Tajikistan

From the 3rd to the 7th of September a training on entrepreneuship took place in Genoa University for outstanding students from Bukhara State University (BSU – Uzbekistan) and Russian Tajik University (RSTU – Tajikistan).
As connections from Central Asia to Genoa are not easy at all, the first day (and the previous day) were dedicated to travel and accommodation.

Then, on their second day, Ms. Antonella PRATO and Ms. Claudia ROSSI (from the Research & Technological Transfer Area) gave the delegation talk about the mission of the Technology Transfer Office (how to disseminate, to support and encourage the dissemination of technology-related IP resulting from the scientific research and measures for further development and commercial exploitation).

The afternoon was dedicated to summing-up and discussing the main topics presented during the day.

On Wednesday the 5 Sept. the Central Asian delegation received the Institutional greetings by Professor Andrea Trucco, UNIGE Vice Rector for International Relations, after which Ms. Prato tackled different issues related to the following aspects:

  • Training on innovation and technology transfer I&TT at UNIGE.
  • The culture of entrepreneurship: spin-off at University of Genova (how to facilitate initiatives aimed at supporting entrepreneurial mind-set including dedicated events and the stimulation of entrepreneurship communities).
  • Analysis of University forms for business plan and agreements between University and spin-offs.
  • About patents: bringing knowledge from research to the market, including the protection of new technologies by means of patents and copyright, as well as the strategic licensing of University Intellectual Property.
  • Analysis of University forms for patents and licencing.
  • Summing-up

In the afternoon, professor Daniele CAVIGLIA, from the Polytechnic School, presented the «Distretto SIIT – Sistemi Intelligenti Integrati e Tecnologie».

On Thursday, all trainees, supervised by their tutors, presented their respective business plan proposals, which were discussed with the professors Daniele CAVIGLIA and Fabrizio BARBERIS of the University of Genoa.

In the afternoon Professor Fabrizio BARBERIS (Vice-Coordinator of the “Technology Transfer Commission” at UNIGE) presented the activities of the Commission for Technological Transfer.

During the last day, the final session was focused on summing up and discussing the main topics presented during the previous days. In general, the delegation was satisfied with the intensive programme, and they appreciated a lot proff. Barberis and Caviglia, who gave them precious advice for fine-tuning and improving their business plans.